Performance-based Influencer Marketing

Enabling content to drive real action.

Beyond Influencer Marketing

How do you ensure that influencers have real impact?

Creative work is only one piece of the influencer marketing puzzle, but see the bigger picture by evaluating high quality content alongside data via hi! Share that. technology.

hi! was founded on our long-standing expertise in mobile performance marketing. We believe that measurable results are fundamental for successful influencer campaigns.

It is our priority to answer your needs and add real value to your business.

We maximize your ROI by making branded content fully trackable.

World of hi!

hi! is a service-managed platform utilising the newest in-house tracking technology. Access a huge network of dedicated influencers and progressive brands alike.

Benefit from the newest features as well as an optimal user experience.

Why work with hi!

Influencer marketing has a lot more to offer than just reach – it offers real engagement through interactions which actually drive results. Together with our influencers, we optimize campaigns in real-time.

We provide you with metrics that matter, leading to success for both advertisers & influencers. 

Measure your real engagement, reach and ROI. Scale risk-free & use our metrics to match your KPIs.

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