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We connect everyday influencers and brands

Our mission is to help social media influencers of any size to monetize their influence. From our offices in Berlin and Seoul, we support social influencers in Western and Asian markets.

Silvia Lange

Founder / COO

Imke Hennies

Executive Assistant

Hannah Sollé

Community Manager

Tivadar Szegeny

Managing Director / CTO

Dánae Taibo Palomares

Influencer Marketing Intern

Our offices

We are a fast growing international start-up with offices located in Berlin, Germany and Seoul, South Korea. Which time zone suits you best?


Wallstraße 15a
10179 Berlin
+49 .30 .55 59 86 03


Bukchon-Ro, 11Da-gil, #22
03052 Seoul
+82 . 10 . 99 74 96 58

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