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We connect everyday influencers and brands

hi! is the Influencer Marketing Platform of our Mobile Marketing Agency medialabel. We connect everyday Influencer & Brands. Our mission is to help social media influencers of any size to monetize their influence.

Silvia Lange

Founder / COO

Imke Hennies

Executive Assistant

Hannah Sollé

Community Manager

Tivadar Szegeny

Managing Director / CTO

Dánae Taibo Palomares

Influencer Marketing Intern

Our Offices

We are located in Germany and South Korea. Which time zone suits you best?


Wallstraße 15a
10179 Berlin
+49 .30 .55 59 86 03


Bukchon-Ro, 11Da-gil, #22
03052 Seoul
+82 . 10 . 99 74 96 58

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