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::: Registration :::

How do I register?

Click here: https://influencers.hisharethat.com/auth/register and go through the registration process.

Is there a risk of getting hacked when linking my Social Media account?

No. There is no risk of getting hacked. You are only linking your account and don’t have to share your login info with us, therefore there is no risk for you.

How long does it take for my profile to be unlocked?

Before unlocking your account and giving you access to the platform we need to confirm that your content meets our platform guidelines. It takes us up to 48hours to review your account. Most of the time your account will be unlocked quicker than that. You will be notified via email.

Why can I only link Instagram and Youtube?

Most of the current campaigns on hi!sharethat are focused on Instagram and YouTube. Therefore your main channel should either be Instagram or Youtube. However we are working on a more diverse campaign portfolio and will soon also offer campaigns for Facebook, Twitter and Twitch and then also linking for these Social Media networks. You can of course use your Tracking Link in posts on other Social Media channels as well. The coins earned through this will still be counted.

Am I allowed to run campaigns outside of the platform or am I exclusively tied to the platform once I register?

By registering on hi!sharethat you are not tied to the platform exclusively. You can run as many or as little campaigns on the platform as you want. You can also run campaigns outside of the platform. Just keep in mind that you are not allowed to run campaigns outside the platform with advertisers that you’ve worked with on hi!sharethat within a period of 3 months after you finished a campaign via hi!sharethat for this advertiser.

Why do I have to link my Social Media Account?

One of the requirements of hi!sharethat is a minimum of 3.000 followers on Instagram or YouTube. In order for us to confirm this, it is important that one of these channels (preferrably your main channel) is linked to your hi!sharethat profile. Furthermore we have to review if your content meets our platform guidelines.

Do I have to link my Social Media Account?

Yes. To confirm that your Social Media Account meets our platform guidelines our team has to review your account before you get access to the platform. Therefore linking your account is mandatory.

Why do my parents have to confirm my registration (for users under 18)?

You will be earning money with the campaigns on hi!sharethat and since you are underage and legally not allowed to run your own business, we need the permission of your legal guardian.

Do I have to sign a contract?

hi!sharethat is an influencer marketing plattform connecting advertisers and influencers in different campaigns. By registering on the platform you agree to the terms and guidlines of our platform. There is no additional contract to sign.

::: Start a Campaign :::

Which campaign should I select?

1. Choose an app that suits the interests of your audience. Look at who is visiting your social media account. Who is commenting, who is interacting with your stories? What do they like? What are there interests?

2. Try to figure out what kind of campaigns your audience could be interested in and what kind of campaign fits your social media account.

3. Where are your followers from? Pick a campaign that is available in the location of your followers.

How do I use the filters in the campaign dashboard?

How do I use the filters in the campaign dashboard? Filters give you the option to define your campaign search. If you want to see CPI based campaigns only, you can filter for payment models and choose CPI.

What’s a tracking link?

With your individual tracking link we can make sure that all the actions your followers take that are rewarded with coins are counted towards your account in order for you to receive the coins.

Why do I have to use a tracking link?

hi!sharethat is a performance-based marketing platform. In order to track the performance of all campaigns individually we use tracking links for each Influencer for every campaign to track exactly how many Installs, Clicks or other Actions are generated from a specific link.

Our transparent system gives deep performance insightsand helps Influencers to get to know their target group and optimize their content. And it also gives advertisers the opportunity to see right away where their media spend is being used and how valuable the investment was.

Can I promote products/campaigns without being registered to the platform?

No you can’t promote any of our campaigns without being registered, because without an account on hi!sharethat you won’t be able to generate your individual tracking link that’s being used to track Installs/Clicks/etc and to count your earned coins.

Where can I find the briefing?

The briefing can be found in the campaign description.

How do I share the link on Instagram?

Copy the link. If you want to post in your story use the Swipe- up option to add the link and make sure you tell followers to swipe up.
If you don’t have the necessary 10.000 followers for access to the Swipe-up option you can also add the link to your profile description. You have to make sure to tell followers about the link in your profile description.

How do I share a link on YouTube?

If you want to promote a campaign on YouTube use your individual tracking link and post it in the upper section of your description text and tell your viewers in the video where they can find the tracking link.

What does it mean, when a campaign is paused?

When a campaign is paused, this means the campaign is not live anymore and tracking links are deactivated. We inform all users via email if a campaign that you previously promoted is being paused.
This does not effect your earnings. You don’t lose any coins, but you also don’t gain new coins. If users click on the deactivated tracking link they will be redirected. You won‘t earn any coins from this.

What type of campaigns are available?

hi!sharethat has public and VIP campaigns.

Public campaigns are available for everyone who is registered on hi!sharethat. Usually you can start these campaigns right away with no further evaluation of the content. Click on “Join” and generate your individual tracking link.

VIP campaigns are visible for everyone, however these campaigns are marked with a lock and if your interested you will have to apply for these campaigns. Submit your content idea and a short text and we will evaluate your application. For some VIP campaigns the community management team directly contacts Influencers that suit the product.

How do I start a campaign?

To start promoting one of our public campaigns you just need to click “Join”, generate your Tracking link and post you content with the link on your social media account.

How do I generate my personal tracking link?

When you join a campaign you will see an option to generate your tracking link. This is your individual link that should be used whenever you post.

What happens if I don’t use the tracking link?

If you don’t use the tracking link, we won’t be able to track Installs, Clicks and other Actions for your campaign, which means that you will not earn any coins.

Why do I have to apply for some campaigns?

Applying for campaigns is only mandatory for VIP campaigns. These campaigns require us to review your content and check if it is aligned with the advertisers guidelines.

Which content should I create?

Depends on what kind of campaign it is and which social media channel you are using to promote the campaign. Best performing content is content where you can add a tracking link. Therefore Instagram stories usually work best with the Swipe up option. But you can also add the link to the description text in a YouTube video.

How do I share a link on Facebook?

Currently we do not offer linking of your Facebook page or profile. However if Facebook is your secondary social media channel you can still use your tracking link to promote a campaign. Just post a status, image or video and add the link to the description or CTA.

What are the country flags in the campaign dashboard for?

The flags indicate which country the campaign is open to.
This does not mean that it’s mandatory for you to be located in this country. Your main audience needs to be located in this country though. And we only count Installs/Clicks/etc from the country that’s shown in the campaign.

Why haven’t I received any coins? My followers installed the app, but there are no coins in my account.

There are a few reasons why this may be happening:

1. Your followers downloaded the app, but did not open it.
To receive Coins your followers need to install the app AND open it at least once.

2. Your followers are not located in the country where we promote the app.
Some apps are available in different countries. But if the campaign is for specific countries only, we only counts Installs from these countries.

3. Your followers use a different operating system.
There are some campaigns that are iOS only. For these we don’t count Installs from Android devices.

4. Sometimes coins take a bit to appear in your account.
Usually it only takes a few minutes for your coins to appear. But sometimes when we have many campaigns it may take a bit longer.

::: Payment :::

When do I get paid?

The payment process is triggered automatically every 1st of the month when
a) the invoice information has been filled in correctly
b) there is at least 50 euros in your current account balance.

Your money will always be transferred to your PayPal or bank account on the 15th of the following month. At the same time, we will additionally send you an invoice for your accounting. So if you have earned €100 in August, that amount will be paid out on September 15th.

Can I also enter my PayPal account for the payment?

Yes, you can.

Until when do I have to enter my account details?

In order to get paid on the 15th of the following month, you have to enter your account details by the 30th of the previous month at the latest.

What are Coins?

Coins are the payment method on hi!sharethat. With every campaign you will receive a certain number of coins per install/ view/ click/ purchase.

How long will coins be saved in my account?

Coins can be saved in your account up to 18 months.

How does CPI-based payment work?

CPI means cost per install. This means that you will be paid for each install that was made via your individual tracking link.

For CPI campaigns, a price per install is set already in advance. Your credit will be calculated based on this price during the campaigns.

For example, if the price is $ 1.50 (150 coins) per instal, you will receive $ 150 for 100 installs.

How do I get paid?

It depends on the payment you chose. You can choose between wire transfer or PayPal.

Where do I provide my account details?

To enter your account details, you have to go to `My Profile’ (top right) under ‘Billing and Payment information’ and enter your details.

What happens if I forget to enter my account details?

If you do not enter your account details by the 30th of the previous month, your payment will be postponed to the next month. Your credit will remain stored in the system though.

How much is a coin worth?

100 Coins correspond to $1. So if a campaign is worth 200 Coins, it means that you will get $2 per action. We will transfer your credit to you when you reach the minimum of $50 or more, i.e. 5000 Coins.

Where can I see how many I have received?

You can find an overview of your earned coins that have not been paid out under ‘Payment overview’

Do I have to write an invoice?

No, you do not have to write an invoice.

In order to get paid, all you have to do is enter your account information in your profile under Billing and Payment Information.

If you have done this, you will be paid on time on the 15th of the following month if you have made more than $ 50.

::: Tips for a successful campaign :::

Why shouldn’t I mention the name of the product?

It is very important that your followers use your individual tracking link to download the app or buy the product. Only then we can assign your earned coins to your account. If you mention the name of the app in advance, it may happen that your followers go to the (app) store themselves and download the app. Unfortunately, this will not be counted via your tracking link.

How can I be sure that my followers are using the link and not going straight to the store?

→ Make sure that you do not mention the product neither in writing in a text banner nor in particular in a video

→ Avoid tagging the product / company / brand

→ Actively address your follower with a strong call-to-action (CTA) message to download the app via your link. “E.g.: You can go directly to the app via the link”

→ Put the link in your stories several times and not just at the beginning and end

How can I make my followers aware of the link in the description text?

If you promote the product in your story, you can easily insert the link using the swipe-up function if you have more than 10,000 followers. Draw attention to the link by using text banners and gifs.

If you do not have access to the swipe-up function or advertise the product in a post, you can enter the link in the account description to your bio and draw attention in the caption or story.

If you want the ad to be visible on your account for a longer period of time, you can create a story highlight in addition to the post with the videos that you created previously for your story with the swipe-up link.

::: Rules on hi!sharethat :::

What am I not allowed to do? DONT’S

Just like on any other platform, there are few rules on hi!sharethat that you should follow. Please always try to adhere to them, otherwise you can be blocked on the platform if you do not take them into account, which also leads to your coin balance being set to zero.

1. You can try the link on your mobile phone, but we do not count any installs or other actions that come from your own device. You will not receive any coins for this.

2. Please never promise a reward to your audience for downloading or installing your app campaign and please do not claim to give your earned income to charity.

3. Do not promote the app or product with false claims. Stick to the briefing and always contact us with any questions.

4. Do not register with multiple accounts, otherwise we may block you on the platform.

::: Account :::

I cannot connect my social media account, what can I do?

First, make sure you are not logged into the desired account in the browser and then try again. If it still does not work, contact our team and send a screenshot of the problem. Hopefully we can help as soon as possible.

Where can I change my profile information?

You can edit all of your entered data in your profile settings (top right).

How can I delete my account?

In your profile settings you will find the link to delete your account at the bottom.

:::Influencer Marketing - Basics:::

What makes influencer marketing such a unique marketing channel?

Influencer Marketing is basically the modern form of Word-of-Mouth marketing, which mostly happens online (on social media). Influencers are opinion leaders, who share recommendations on products and services in social networks.
Ideally this drives their followers to look into using this product or service. Therefore it’s highly important for influencers to build a strong relationship with their followers, which is based on trust. This trust mostly comes through personal contact in private messages and comments.
The bigger an Influencer gets, the harder it is to keep this personal contact alive and remain a trustworthy source for recommendation.

Can I generate sales with influencer marketing?

If your campaign goal is sales, influencer marketing can be a very valuable channel. You can use tracking links and sometimes additional voucher codes to trace sales deriving from influencer marketing campaigns.

What is a micro influencer?

The number of followers ranges from 4 to 5 digit numbers and can be up to around 100.000 followers. Engagement rates for micro influencers are usually very high with an average of 25-50%. The quality of these engagements is equally great, as influencers with this size of following can interact very actively with their followers to generate a personal connection. This is how micro influencers create this basis of trust that’s essential for authentic product recommendations.

What is a mega influencer?

The number of followers is in the higher 7-digit area. Celebrities and stars known from traditional media, with previous experience as testimonials, are referred to as mega influencers. But in recent years, there’s a growing number of mega influencers who have generated their following primarily on social media and have grown into the size of mega influencer over the past 10 years.
Engagement rates are relatively low with an average of 1.5%.
Often these accounts are being curated and managed by agencies, assistants or managers, but very rarely by the Influencers themselves. Therefore, the personal connection to the followers is entirely missing. On Instagram content is usually limited to posts. Instagram stories are rarely used, mostly for tent-pole events only, e.g. award shows.

What is engagement?

Engagement is any follower interaction or activity on influencer content. This can be a like, a comment, a share, etc. Analyzing the engagement is a way to evaluate the followers’ affinity for this type of content.
By including the engagement in reportings and analysis, you can compare 2 influencers of different reach.

What are performance-based influencer campaigns?

Performance marketing highly depends on measurable results. Previously it was very hard to gain measurable insights and results from influencer marketing campaigns. With the innovative tracking technology that we offer at hi!sharethat, we’re able to generate measurable results.

What is the main difference between influencer marketing and traditional online marketing channels?

The biggest difference is that influencer marketing thrives on personal contact. In traditional online marketing channels (Affiliate, Paid Social, SEM, Native) this component is missing completely.
In influencer marketing you first have to find the right influencer, contact them and convince the influencer that your product or service is worth promoting.
Once this is done, the influencer needs to create the content and upload it. Immediately after uploading the Influencer will be bombarded with questions from the community, that are usually answered in private messages via comment or additional video.

Through influencer marketing advertisers finally have direct access to potential customers. Therefore, the influencer sort of takes on the role as customer care manager addressing all concerns potential new customers could have.

Main differences

Online Marketing

Placement: Booked directly via Google ads, Facebook ads, Affiliate network, Native ads network.
Targeting: Can be defined specifically beforehand to fit the brand’s target group.
Ad creative and copy: Brand provides all creatives and copies.
Reach: Depending on budget size with possibility to increase at any time.
Influencer Marketing

Placement: Influencers, who match the brand have to be contacted and convinced of the brands value
Targeting: Depending on the Influencer’s target group. That’s why it is so important to select influencers, who have followers that fit the brand’s target group.
Ad creative and copy: The influencer is providing all creatives and copies.
Reach: Limited to the netto reach of an influencer. Can be increased with Social Influencer Ads.

What is a nano influencer?

A nano influencer usually has a following in the 3 digit range, but with a maximum of around 5.000 followers. Followers usually consist of friends, family, acquaintances, friends of friends and other people in their near surroundings. Happy customers, who are active in the digital world and share their opinion about a product online are one part of the nano influencer cluster.

What is a macro influencer?

Characteristics for macro influencers are high posting frequency, engagement rates between 5-25% and a following of up to 7 digits. The growing reach creates a distance to their followers because the influencer is not able to actively respond to the interactions of their followers. Some even deactivate private messages in order not to be flooded with messages from their followers.

What is the difference between influencers and testimonials?

When working with testimonials the primary goal is to reach a bigger audience.
Testimonial campaigns are usually distributed through the channels of the advertiser. Often these campaigns are very similar to classic ad campaigns (print, online or tv ads) with a testimonial integration. The advertiser has a lot of influence regarding content to match the brands voice as close as possible. Testimonials usually work exclusively with one brand for the entire campaign period, whereas influencers may also work with other brands for product placements.

Working with influencers gives one more advantage...you can reach a bigger audience, but you can also leverage the close relationship to their followers, which increases the authenticity character of a campaign. Content production is either conducted by the influencer or in collaboration with the influencer as they know exactly what their followers react to well. In most cases influencers are asked for input regarding the campaign concept.

Why should an advertiser work with influencer agencies or influencer marketing platforms?

There are 4 main advantages for advertisers when working with influencer marketing agencies/platforms:

Expertise: At hi!sharethat our daily bread is influencer marketing. We make sure to stay up-to-date on new findings and regularly attend conferences and trainings. This expertise gives us the perfect basis to constantly optimize our campaigns.

Network: hi!sharethat customers can leverage the huge network of hi!sharethat influencers.

Management: The hi!sharethat community management team takes care of influencer selection and price negotiations and manages the campaign from start to finish.

Tracking: hi!sharethat offers state of the art tracking technology to measure all activities on a campaign. Lifetime results displayed in a dashboard and regular reports give advertisers in-depth insights.

:::hi!sharethat Campaigns:::

I am an advertiser and interested in influencer marketing. What do I need to do to start?

Contact us for a first non-binding conversation about your options: info@hisharethat.com

What is the usual leadtime for hi!sharethat campaigns?

Best practice is a minimum of 2 weeks leadtime for each campaign. However, we also offer the option of a “Quick setup” for an extra fee, as we already have an extensive network of influencerswho can jump right in to promote a new campaign.

Which social media channels can I book in a hi!sharethat campaign?

We currently offer hi!sharethat campaigns for Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. However, our main focus is on Instagram as we’ve achieved great results for performance campaigns on this channel.

Are there any risks?

At hi!sharethat we try to minimize the risk by using a very sophisticated influencer selection process.
Furthermore, all Influencers receive detailed briefings beforehand to ensure that the content they produce matches the tone of voice of your brand.
Advertisers also have the option of being involved in the Influencer selection and pre-check all content before it goes live.

How does hi!sharethat ensure that influencers adhere to an advertiser’s brand safety guidelines?

Prior to the start of a campaign Influencers receive a detailed briefing, which has been signed off by the advertiser. Furthermore, all influencers confirm to the hi!sharethat Terms & Conditions.

What should the perfect briefing for an influencer marketing campaign contain?

The essentials of a briefing are the following:

Description of the brand or product to advertise
USPs of the product
Rules (do’s and don’ts)
Content infos (Intro, USPs, functions, CTA)
Tips and examples of best performing campaigns
Any additional material or ad content (e.g. logo)

Do influencers always have to speak positively about the brand they are working with?

When booking a product placement you confirm that the influencer is free to state their own true opinion about a product.
If you think your product may have any “weaknesses” or “characteristics” that may spark confusion, we recommend mentioning these in the briefing. This way, the influencers know beforehand and are not surprised when producing the content.

If youwant to have full control over the content that is being produced as an advertiser, you will have to book an infomercial. These are more expensive but give an advertiser the option to determine exactly what the content should look like. For infomercials it is also common that the advertiser receives the content beforehand for approval and can request changes.

How is hi!sharethat different from other platforms?

hi!sharethat combines influencer marketing with performance marketing. With our tracking technologie we offer measurable results for advertisers and influencers in real time. That way influencers can see when a campaign needs to be optimized due to bad performance straight away. Likewise,advertisers can increase campaign budgets if a campaign is performing very well. Our tracking does not only measure the influencer’s performance, it also measures the exact actions and events performed of the users.

How does hi!sharethat select influencers?

The hi!sharethat community team selects influencers with the best brand fit.

When choosing influencers we consider the following criteria:
Does the vertical of the influencer match the brand? (Food, Beauty, Lifestyle, Gaming, Family, etc)
How is the content quality?
Do the audience demographics match with the brand’s target audience?
How high is the influencer’s engagement rate?
Are the engagements of high quality?

What should an advertiser consider to achieve a highly authentic campaign?

In order to ensure excellent performance for a campaign it’s important to select influencers who match the brand and have them create content that matches their own regular content.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, hi!sharethat uses contracts to define campaign budgets and goals.
Influencers and advertisers also confirm the platforms Terms & Conditions.
Additionally, we can set up NDAs for more specific contract needs.

How do I know if my campaign was successful?

As an advertiser you receive detailed briefings on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. The frequency of this report can be discussed before the start of the campaign.

How many influencers should be booked for one campaign?

The number of influencers depends on your campaign budget and the size of the influencersyou wish to book. We recommend starting with at least 3 influencers. That’s the minimum we will need for relevant results to be able to make predictions for future campaigns.

Can I see a demo of the platform?

Unfortunately, at this point we don’t have a demo to show you. However, our account managers can walk you through the platform and answer any questions you may have about our product.

:::Tracking & Campaign Analysis:::

Will I receive a report for my campaigns?

All hi!sharethat campaigns are performance campaigns. Tracking the success of these campaigns regularly is essential. To offer full transparency to advertisers, we send out reports with the most important KPIs on a regular basis.

What are the most important KPIs in influencer marketing?

Previously, the most important KPIs in influencer marketing were views and engagements. These are still important, but at hi!sharethat our focus is on performance and therefore, we rely on performance marketing KPIs.

On our platform we measure conversions and the quality of these conversions in real time. These results then help us optimize the campaign.

How often do advertisers receive reports? (daily, weekly, monthly)

The frequency of reportings will be set before the campaign starts. Depending on campaign length, we will choose the reporting frequency that makes the most sense.

How can I measure the success of an influencer campaign?

To measure the success of your campaign, it is essential to define the main goal. Once the goal is defined the hi!sharethat campaign manager can specify the tracking option that makes sense..

For most campaigns we use individual tracking links which are integrated in the content as swipe ups or other linking options. In some cases, we combine tracking link and voucher code.

:::hi!sharethat Influencer:::

Which kind of influencers are on hi!sharethat?

All verticals: Gaming, Lifestyle, Beauty, Sport, Family, Food, etc.
Influencers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Influencers with a reach from 3.000 to 2 Mio. Followers

In which countries is the target group of hi!sharethat influencers?

The main target groups are Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

What makes a good influencer?

Good Influencer does not equal good Influencer.A good influencer is not necessarily the ideal influencer for an advertiser at the same time. The criteria listed below are things an advertiser needs to evaluate to select the ideal influencer for their brand:

Does the target group of the influencer fit the target group of the promoted product (age, country, interests)?
Are the followers of this influencer active, comment and like and show a general affinity to make a purchase or perform the desired action?
Is the engagement rate good and indicates that the majority of followers can be reached?
Does the content of the influencer animate and entertain followers? Does the vertical of the influencer fit the product?
Does the content of the influencer fit the brand’s tone of voice?
Is the influencer professional when it comes to workflow?

How does hi!sharethat acquire new Influencers?

One very important “channel” for us is Word of Mouth promotion. It happens quite often that satisfied influencers recommend our platform to other influencers.
However, we also do plenty of outreach and search for influencers in many different ways.

:::Influencer Marketing Cost:::

How are influencers paid at hi!sharethat?

hi!sharethat has 2 different payment models:

The influencer receives a commission per action in form of a CPI, CPC or CPA

The influencer receives a combination of fixed fee and commission

Is there a minimum campaign budget an advertiser has to book?

The minimum campaign budget on hi!sharethat is 5.000€

How high are the costs for influencer marketing?

Each campaign has different requirements and challenges. That’s why we do not have a standard pricing model. Contact us with your campaign idea. Together we will work out the right campaign set up for your campaign.

How does hi!sharethat make money with campaigns?

All invoices include a campaign fee. The amount depends on the campaign volume.

:::Influencer Marketing Content:::

Why does content have to be marked as promotion or ad?

To offer full transparency to followers, there are certain rules influencers have to adhere to when publishing content. One of those is to mark advertising content as an ad or a promoted post. The German “Medienanstalten” regularly publish a guide for correct labeling of advertising content.

By labeling content influencers avoid surreptitious advertisement.

What is an advertorial?

An advertorial is a product integration of at least 90 seconds promoting a brand, service, name or product. The advertorial character of the content is clearly recognizable because the promoted product is the main focus of the content. The advertiser has full control over how the influencer promotes the product. Furthermore, the advertiser receives the content beforehand for approval in order to request possible changes. Therefore, advertorial placements are usually higher priced than product placements.

Are there any regulations on which content influencers won’t produce?

Generally an advertiser cannot expect Influencers to do false advertising for their product. But there are a few other topics hi!sharethat influencers will not produce:
Political statements
Glorification of criminal activity
Sexually offensive content

What is a product placement?

A product placement is basically a product, service, name or brand that is integrated in content and labeled correctly. The promoted good in a product placement is not the main character of the content, it’s merely a sort of short mention in the content. The influencer has full control on how the promoted product is integrated.
A detailed briefing that we send to the influencer will give them general rules, but the advertiser is not allowed to tell the influencer how to promote the product.

Which type of content do influencers produce?

hi!sharethat influencers produce photo and audio/video content for the following platforms: YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

There are several different types of content: Instagram stories, Instagram posts, Facebook stories, Facebook posts, YouTube product placements, YouTube advertorials. The produced content depends on the campaign goal and the advertiser preference.

:::Content Promotion:::

How do influencers promote a product?

hi!sharethat campaigns are usually combined with a tracking link. This helps us track the performance of campaigns in real time.

Which channel should an advertiser use to promote a product?

This decision depends on a few criteria:

Which channels does the influencer use to promote content?
Should content be available long-term and also through 3rd-party sources (e.g. Google)? -> In this case YouTube is a good choice.
Which target group should be activated? -> For example on Facebook the average target group is slightly older than on Instagram.
Is the main goal of the campaign brand awareness? -> For brand awareness we recommend YouTube as the main channel with an extension to Instagram.
Is the main goal conversions? -> For Conversions the CTA option on Instagram stories (Swipe up) is ideal, but Facebook offers this option too. So either of those channels will work.

Which format do hi!sharethat influencers use to promote a product?

On hi!sharethat we mostly offer campaigns for the following content formats:

Instagram posts
Instagram stories
YouTube integrations in form of product placement
Facebook posts
Our extensive experience has shown Instagram stories to be the best performing content for performance campaigns. The reason being is the possibility to add a direct tracking link with a CTA.

The second strongest channel is YouTube. On YouTube tracking links can be added to the description text. Conversions rates on YouTube are quite high, however CTR is relatively low compared to Instagram. This is because followers have to actively choose to read the description text.

What’s the difference between Instagram story, Instagram highlight story and a post?

Instagram story: Instagram stories are ideal for short term campaigns. Content is only available for 24h. Once the time is up there won’t be many further conversions happening unless users, who have saved the link decide to act later.

Instagram story highlight: Story highlights can be used to extend the campaign length. highlights are available for as long as you keep them in your Story highlights and are therefore not limited to 24h. By extending a campaigns timespan the long tail is activated and conversions can be generated long after the content was published.

Instagram post: An Instagram post can be an image or video or even a gallery of a number of images or videos.
Advantage: Content can be available for a long time and also offers the option for followers to comment and therefore acts as a direct communication channel with followers.

Disadvantage: It’s not possible to add a link to a product to an Instagram post unless the influencer has access to the advertiser’s Facebook product catalogue and can link the product directly. If this is not the case the influencer can add a link to their Instagram profile description as a workaround.

:::Social Influencer Ads:::

What are Social Influencer Ads?

Social Influencer Ads are Paid ads with influencer content which have the aim to extend a standard influencer marketing campaign.
We use the influencer’s content and push this content through the influencer’s account on Facebook and Instagram as a “Sponsored Post” and link directly to the advertiser.
With Social Influencer Ads we are upgrading influencer marketing to the next stage of performance marketing by exactly directing how and where the influencer content is being published.
This defined targeting is not possible with standard influencer marketing campaigns. We leverage the total reach of an influencer ideally and can even reach ad recipients who have no direct link to the Influencer.

Can I book Social Influencers Ads if I don’t have a tracking system in place?

To be able to track actions on this campaign there has to be some sort of tracking in place. Most times a Facebook pixel is sufficient. If the campaign goal is views/ clicks on a landing page, we can provide a tracking link.

Can I book Social Influencers ads for every hi!sharethat campaign?

Generally we offer Social Influencer Ads for any type of campaign. No matter what your campaign goal is (Sale, Installs, Views, etc.)

What’s the big advantage of Social Influencer Ads for my company?

Reach: The reach of this campaign is not dependent on the netto reach of an influencer, but is defined by the media budget that an advertiser wants to dedicate to this campaign.

Targeting: With Social Influencer Ads we have the great advantage of specific targeting. We can exclude ad recipients that are not relevant and can also extend the reach to target groups outside the influencer’s surroundings (e.g. Lookalike audiences based on the influencers followers)

Personalized Ads: By Integrating influencers in sponsored posts the content seems less advertorial and more trustworthy.

Less Wastage: With specific targeting we avoid addressing ad recipients with no interest. This increases conversion rates tremendously.

:::Tracking Requirements:::

Do I need a tracking system in order to work with hi!sharethat?

In order to measure the performance of your campaigns, you do not necessarily need a tracking system to start with hi!sharethat immediately. Our tracking technology provides you with click numbers per influencer, broken down into categories device and country targeting per influencer who advertises your product or campaign without any further complicated integration processes. Even for a certain daily limit, no additional tools are required for a pure CPC campaign. If you are interested in other insights such as sales, app installations and much more or you want to utilise the full transparency of the hi!sharethat payment models, you need a third party provider or in-house tracking for these insights. You can easily connect to hi!sharethat tracking within just a few steps.

What can hi!sharethat track for me?

With hi!sharethat you can not only track events that lead to a specific conversion within your campaign, you can even track all events that you already use for your internal analysis of your campaign performance, for example events after an app installation, accountable down to the specific influencer. For this, your personal hi!sharethat campaign manager only needs the event token that you want to track and brief information on how this is defined in your product.

TIP: If a certain event is particularly important for your product, include this event in the campaign reporting for our influencers, so that they can come up with creative campaign ideas for their followers. Our team helps to describe this appropriately for our influencers and to include it in the final campaign briefing.

Can I set up my own campaigns?

It is currently not possible to set up your own campaign as an advertiser in the platform.

With which tracking systems and SDKs can we work with at hi!sharethat?

In contrast to the outdated cookie technology, we work with so-called postback or callbacks. All third-party providers such as adjust, Appsflyer, Kochava, Branch and all conversion pixels are 100% compatible with hi!sharethat. We are also continuously working on linking more tracking systems with hi!sharethat. If you have any questions about a specific tracking system, please contact our support team at 00493055598603.

Can I also use hi!sharethat as self-service platform?

Our experienced community management team deliberately considers a self-service platform for influencer campaigns to be the wrong step for a successful campaign implementation. We firmly believe that, unlike many other online marketing channels, the human component plays a very important role in influencer marketing. Therefore, we try to automate many processes as possible but focus on excellent communication with our influencer community.

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