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Track the results of your campaign with smart technology.
With hi!tech, we offer brands and creators the opportunity to gain valuable ROI insights. Our platform was developed after many years of experience in mobile performance marketing. Continuously optimised dashboards clearly display consumer behaviour, demographics, interests, reach and much more. We are convinced that scalable, smart, performance-based influencer marketing can only be achieved together and with transparency.
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Keeping track of your performance

Brands and creators get full transparency with us. With hi!tech, every activity can be planned and optimised with foresight. Our dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of campaign results, revenue and expenses. We ensure that the data is updated every minute. This means that all data is displayed in real time. In addition, we offer our partners automated billing and payment models.

Your advantages with our hi!tech

Our technology is a manufacturer of miracles.

Content security

With our detailed briefings, coordination processes are shortened. We ensure that all information is prepared and communicated in an understandable way right from the start. Brands can individually choose which content is important for the campaigns. At the same time, creators can choose the campaigns that suit them and their community.

Internal development

Our team works daily on the development of new functions. The focus is on the needs of the brands and creators. With hi!tech, we adapt easily to market changes.


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Vlad-Emilian Andreescu

Vlad-Emilian Andreescu

Sr. Business Dev. Manager

Antonia Weckert

Antonia Weckert

Project & Communications Manager

Hannah Sollé

Hannah Sollé

Teamlead Community Management

Tivadar Szegeny

Tivadar Szegeny

Founder & CEO

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