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1. What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing refers to the use of influencers within a wide-ranging community for marketing and communication purposes. Typical aims include: increasing the brand’s reach, entering new markets or increasing sales through social media.

2. What are the benefits of influencer marketing?

By using authentic Influencers, brands are able to increase awareness and reach, build credibility and trust, create long term relationships with customers, increase sales and reach through SEO.

3. What social media channels can you use for influencer marketing?

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch, Snapchat, Youtube and Pinterest.

4. Is influencer marketing suitable for my business?

Influencer marketing is not tied to specific industries. Therefore, influencer marketing is basically suitable for any company.

5. How do I select the right influencer campaign for my business?

The right campaign is created based on goals and objectives, from awareness to sales or purchases; every campaign can be personalised to fit with your requirements.

6. What requirements are needed to start a campaign?

A detailed briefing for influencer selection and content creation, budget, runtime and KPIs.

7. How long can we run a campaign for?

A campaign can last from a few days up to years, including one time collaborations or long term collaborations with creators.

8. What billing models do you offer?

We work with various payment models, from the classic fixed fees to performance-based models such as CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA.

9. Which countries do you offer your services in?

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Poland.

10. I would like to work with hi!share.that. How do I get in touch?

Feel free to get in touch via our contact form or write to us at partners@hisharethat.com.


1. What services do you offer?

We offer 360° campaign management. Therefore, we take care of the selection and communication with the influencers, create comprehensive briefings, continuously optimise your campaign and monitor the entire process.

2. What is an influencer branding/awareness campaign?

Branding campaigns focus on brand fit and awareness. The billing models are either on a CPM basis or fixed content fees basis.

3. What are the benefits of branding/awareness campaigns?

Using influencers with personalised landing pages or further integrations makes the approach more personal and emotional, therefore increasing your brand at the top of the audiences/customers mind, equity and loyalty.

4. What is an influencer performance-based campaign?

It is a campaign aimed at achieving specific KPIs such as clicks, installs or orders. We use the same KPIs as billing models for our partners and creators.

5. What are the benefits of performance-based campaigns?

The risk of investing marketing budgets without having positive ROI are minimised. Creators will be rewarded only for what they deliver.

6. What is the difference between branding/awareness and performance based campaigns?




Billing Model

Cost per Action (click, install)

Content Fee / CPM


Simple and concise

Complex with specific requirements

Campaign Visibility

Visible to the entire community

Only visible for selected creators

Influencer Selection

Internal, based on (KPI) briefing requirements

With approval, based on briefing requirements

Content Format

Instagram Stories, TikTok Video Stories,
Twitch Banner

  • Extend with Social Influencer Ads

Instagram & TikTok Video Stories, Reels, Posts, Twitch Video & Banner, YouTube Video

  • Extend with Social Influencer Ads

Content Creation & Review

Simple, creative & spontaneous with call to action requirements

Following strict briefing guidelines, with prior review and approval


Based on conversions & events 

Based on reach, engagement & posts

Follower Count

15k – 300k

10k – 2M

7. What are Social Influencer Ads?

Social influencer ads (abbreviated as SIA), are ads that are posted out for an advertiser via the influencer’s account. The content appears in the feed or Stories on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok as ‘Sponsored‘.

8. What are the benefits of Social Influencer Ads?

Social influencer ads offer the possibility of reaching a much wider target audience outside the organic reach of influencers. Through advanced targeting and specifically designed content, we can scale and deliver more volume to every campaign.

9. What social media channels can be used for Social Influencer Ads?

Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

10. What is the difference between Social Influencer Ads and Paid Ads?

Social influencer ads (Sponsored Ads) use the content and profile of creators to deliver higher engagement than normal ads do. It also allows for a more accurate targeting of followers of influencers or potential followers of similar interest.

11. What does content production involve?

We provide creative content for multimedia communication. With holistic consulting, innovative concept strategies and efficient implementation, we tell exciting stories with our content production.


1. How do you measure influencer marketing campaigns?

We use our proprietary technology, ‘hi!tech’, to track and measure the results of every campaign. Our product offers integration with the most popular marketing tools such as: Adjust, AppsFlyer, Shopify, Magento, etc.

2. How often do I receive information about my campaigns?

We provide access to you, to personalise your settings and data where information is being updated in real time and available for you to view and download.

3. What type of information do you share with me?

At hi!share.that, we offer complete transparency for all types of campaigns and services that we provide. Through our personalised dashboard, we also offer all information at a glance for each creator and each promotion/content produced during the campaign.

4. How do I evaluate the campaign results?

All campaign data is displayed in hi!tech Dashboard where you can review it and evaluate the results aggregated per campaign.

5. How do you keep track of influencers’ activity on the campaign?

Every influencer’s performance is monitored and tracked with hi!tech. Every action taken by influencers during the campaign is tracked and displayed in our Dashboard in real time.

6. What major marketing platforms are you integrated with?

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Adjust, AppsFlyer, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento.

7. Do the influencers see their campaign results?

Influencers have access to their own personalised dashboard and mobile app where they can see in real time the performance and results of each campaign they work on. 


1. What type of influencers do you work with?

Our influencers come from different backgrounds and verticals. Starting from 10.000 followers minimum, up to millions of followers. We actively reach out and scout for new influencers on a daily  basis.

2. Which platforms are your influencers active on?

Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitch, Youtube and Pinterest.

3. How do you find the right influencers for my campaign?

A team is specifically assigned to actively scout and negotiate with influencers that fit the requirements for each campaign. Selection is done based on detailed briefing and profiling together with our team.

4. Can I choose the influencers myself?

For branding campaigns, there is an option to approve the suggested influencers.

5. Can I review the content of influencers?

For branding campaigns, we work with content approval if desired.

6. Can I use the influencer’s content for other marketing activities?

Yes, influencer content can be purchased for a limited time and can be used for other marketing activities.

7. How big/small are your influencers?

We have a wide-reaching and diverse network of nano, micro, macro and mega influencers.

8. What is a nano influencer?

Nano-influencers are influencers with 10,000 followers or less.

9. What is a micro influencer?

Micro-influencers are influencers with 10,000 to 100,000 followers.

10. What is a macro influencer?

Macro- Influencers have 100,000 to one million followers.

11. What is a mega influencer?

Mega-influencers have more than one million followers.

12. How do influencers get paid?

Influencers are rewarded either with a fixed remuneration, on a cost per action basis or a mix of the two.